What would you do?

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Branson West, MO

What would you do?



Just looking for some feedback.


Received a reservation June 3 for a prime, November week in Branson.


3 days after the reservation was made received a message wanting to know why I have a strict cancellation policy. Explained why.


In September I received a message asking about the mask situation in Branson. I explained that masks are mandated but that all shows are running. Guest said she didn't like masks... (she's the only one...)


I could feel it in my bones then...


In October I received a message wanting to know if it was warm in Branson and if the leaves were changing. Yes, it's warm and the leaves are changing.

Told my husband, "she's going to cancel..." waiting... waiting...


Received a message today, 3 days before check in, "grandma is sick and not expected to survive the next few days & is there any way the money could be refunded?"



I've never had a cancellation before so I am experiencing ugly Capitalist guilt. I think I'm being played? What do you think?

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Rio de Janeiro, Brazil



I think the same as @Branka-and-Silvia0 


Well, considering your current situation, I would prefer feeling "capitalist guilt" to being exploited by a capitalist guest who wants to take advantage of me.

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Zagreb, Croatia

You already got excellent advice from experienced hosts and I agree with all of them.


What I do is - whenever I feel my guests have any doubts - I immediately ask them if they want to cancel, remind them about our policy and advise them to cancel as soon as possible so we both have more time to rebook. I never wait until the last moment when they will come up with some imaginary grandma's illness.



Yes she is totally playing you.


If it were me, I'd offer to *consider* an additional refund (in addition to whatever she gets back per the cancellation policy) IF you rebook the nights and emphasize the possibility of rebooking goes significantly down as the dates get nearer. You should also add that technically you have not been paid anything yet so whatever refund you actually issue will be given back AFTER you receive the host payout for the cancellation in question. You can't refund money you don't have. 

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Orono, ME


Don't refund! You will regret it. She probably won't even be grateful. Tell her to cancel right away (you don't want her canceling on arrival day or later - she will be able to leave you a review then.) Offer to refunded her if you rebook the nights but tell her your cancelation policy applies. You have it for a reason.  

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Florence, Canada

@Elizabeth2040 , advise her to cancel right now (you don't want this to creep into the same-day revenge review time), and tell her, if you like, that you will refund any days you are able to book, so the sooner it is done the better. 

"Help out" by asking what happened when she contacted her travel insurance provider about this.

Yes, you are being played, but that doesn't mean you have to lose.

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Paris, France

Salut @Elizabeth2040,

-  " Dishonestly guest " 

- remind her of the cancellation term as remaining in the policy 

- If support team contact you with the true proof, you can reconsider again 🤔


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