When Airbnb blocks dates for identification verification

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When Airbnb blocks dates for identification verification

How come AiBnB can do this? 
I had two inquiries at the same time. One  was inquiring a little bit after the first said she would book but she never did. We looked and the second one could no longer see us because air bnb  blocked the dates for the first inquiry while they verified her identity.  We didn’t approve either of these inquiries so how does Airbnb do this “for” us? 

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@David7870 You don't need to pre-approve an inquiry for a guest to continue on with the booking process. Since I can see you don't use the instant book, this first guest is trying to send you a request to book but is getting held up in the verification process. Airbnb can hold the booking for 12 hours to verify identity.  

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An inquiry never blocks dates, so you probably were receiving Booking requests and/or direct bookings via Instant Book ?

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