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Today Airbnb Support sent the following message" Thanks for alerting us to the issue. We've passed the detailson to our engineers, who are now working to find the issue'ssource and fix it.Regards, Asad I can't send the screen shot because I do not ... Latest reply by Jenny
AirBnB's new Pet Fee option seems slick and would save from collecting outside the initial reservation BUT AirBnB is restricting the Host from charging specific amounts per pet and even goes so far to limit the amount a host can collect based upon the low... Latest reply by Mikki0
We've been hosting for two years and have been very successful in our small town. We've experienced the following twice in one week. Someone requests to book for a week 3-4 months in the future. When we open the request, they ask if we're open on the c... Latest reply by Lawrene0
I had a guest who canceled a 2,000 reservation because world juniors games got reduced spectator capacity. I have a strict cancelation policy (for a reason). When they canceled I got an email from Airbnb saying I’ll be receiving a payout minus the cleanin... Latest reply by Amy907
My listing was unlisted for 3 months, they promised to help but I am still waiting (I am from Ukraine, LvivThey told me your listing block because you are from ''Donbas region''I called them more than 10 times and explained my region is 1000km from there.... Latest reply by Quincy