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    Hello everyone, A warm welcome to the Community Center. This discussion is for introducing yourself to your fellow Airbnb Community members, as well as welcoming and saying hello to newcomers in return. Thanks to all of you who have already introduc... Latest reply by Nasih3
    I am getting this more and more. A guest books for 1 then in the message they say “We“. I respond requesting the number of guests and do not get a response. I can not change the number myself because I don’t know how many are coming and Airbnb is slow ... Latest reply by Sarah977
    I have just started my AirBnB account and set my listings ID to the default requirements. My first guest has said that when he booked AirBnB required him to submit his ID information, where his other bookings did not do so. My question is: ' Do I need to ... Latest reply by Sarah977
    Hi All. Guest books for 30 days and says they may want to stay longer. They check in and love it. I offer them a longer stay and they reply "We had an offer accepted on a house and won't need to stay longer than the original 30 days." Then, convenient... Latest reply by Emiel1
    Hallo,da Frankreich derzeit wieder ein Risikogebiet wegen Corona ist, werde ich dort nicht hinreisen und will deshalb meine Buchung stornieren. Ich weiß, wie das funktioniert, habs auch gerade schon mit nem anderen Air bnb gemacht. Bei dem zweiten steht a... Latest reply by Emiel1
    Hi there, I'd be interested to learn from the community (particularly from hosts perhaps) what is a reasonable expectation in the following circumstances:- Two families (inc 5 kids) checked into a stay in France- Turns out the property is not as described... Latest reply by Mike-And-Jane0
    Ciao a tutti,su Idealista e Immobiliare.it ho trovato un appartamento.mi ha contatta una ragazza, la quale dice di essere l’host ma per vedere l’appartamento devo prima pagare 2 mesi e che usa il contratto a lungo termine con Airbnb per tutelarsi...è truf... Latest reply by Quincy
    @Quincy Hi Please can you offer any advice on todays restriction announcements and how it will affect our upcoming trip? We are a party of 9 ( 4 Households) final payment due to be taken tomorrow - Best WishesLisa Latest reply by Quincy