Hello everyone! Each of you likely have your own idea of what makes the perfect guest, which might vary depending on your listing type, style of hosting, personal preferences, personality, or schedule for example. To make things interesting, I’ve l... read more
Who is your ideal guest?
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--> This is xxxx from Airbnb CS. We value you as a Superhost and always will be there to help you.Thank you for calling Airbnb, we always bla bla bla.... CAN YOU PLEASE STOP THE CACKLING ? thank you.I have a issue with my guest. --> Guest ? Yes, the per... read more
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I was wondering how many people use Google to promote your property? Lots of people always looking to increase business open a Google Business Page, Best if you have a stand alone property give yourself a Business Name, If you have a condo or apartment it... read more
Hello Airbnb community, I am a fairly new (3 months old) host and I need your advise regarding board games. We bought quite a few board games for our listing (cards, uno, monopoly, chess, checkers, twister, scrabble) and we have found that only a few gu... read more
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