A quick guide to downloading messages from a guest

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A quick guide to downloading messages from a guest

1. Log into a computer/desktop/laptop - you cannot download the conversation from the app unless you screenshot it, which will take a very long time to complete.


2. You must scroll to the very top of the conversation and be sure that the photos have loaded also. Otherwise they won't appear in the later steps, they will just be grey squares and rectangles.


3. Right click on the conversation in the Airbnb inbox. You will be prompted with differing options to select from. Select where it says 'Print...'


4. It will bring up the print function. Where it states 'Destination', change this to 'Save as PDF'. Be sure to have 'Pages' selected to 'All'.


5. Underneath the tab where it says 'More Settings', click on this. It will drop down and provide you with more settings to include. Where it states 'Options', next to it are clicker options. You must select 'Background Graphics' so that it includes any photos that are within the conversation.


6. Select 'Save' at the bottom (you can save it as another file also) and name it whatever you like. Open the PDF and be sure everything is there.


Note - if the conversation has not finished and new messages appear, you will need to repeat the process. 

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Hi @Andrew2902 


Thanks so much for posting this!


I know you posted it as a reply to an older thread, but I thought it deserved a post of it own, so that it could easily be found if someone searches for how to do this.


Feel free to copy and paste it back over to the thread if you want it there too.


Appreciate you taking the time to set out the steps for this process!



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