[Guide] Tips to create a guide in the Community Center

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[Guide] Tips to create a guide in the Community Center

The first step is to have a title describing that it is a guide e.g "[Guide] How important is to use an effective and concise title in a guide".


Start with an overview: Here we will give a short introduction to our guide, what it is about and the benefits it has. There is no need to go into too much detail if it is not necessary, but it is important to give some context to the members of the Community so that they know what we are talking about. Your guide can be as long as you think it should be, although we recommend that it should not be too long to make it easier to assimilate.



Time to use use bullet points, bold font, and numbered lists: 


  • Bullet points and lists can help simplify your content and make it easier to follow. Bold draws the eye to the most important data

Captura de pantalla 2023-04-25 a las 15.12.38.png




  • Use visuals: Include photos and videos. Visual aids can make your guide more engaging and help your readers better understand your content. Adding arrows to your screenshots will also help point out buttons and steps.

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  • Provide step-by-step instructions: Make sure your guide provides specific steps that other Hosts can take to implement your advice. Clearly defining the chronological steps in your guide with screenshots for example can help illustrate the step by step process. In this case it can help instead of bullet points  you can use numbers list:

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At the end of the guide, use the last paragraph to tell them that you hope this guide will be useful to them and encourage them to ask any questions they have about the guide in the questions thread. 


Thanks, I hope this helps! 😉




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@Quincy This is truly an excellent guide to writing Guidelines! Straight and to the point....like it very much. Thanks, Clara