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    Hello everyone, Welcome to our Community Guide board - a place full of the best advice and tactics by Hosts, for Hosts! In this section you are going to find a plethora of guides, tips and tutorials created by our hosting community on mastering the ar...
    Each week we see posts from hosts who receive a frivolous refund claim, or have been threatened with a poor review if they do not approve some sort of a refund. When it comes to a stay refund the guest feels they have the upper hand because...... 1/........ Latest reply by Robin4
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    The first step is to have a title describing that it is a guide e.g "[Guide] How important is to use an effective and concise title in a guide". Start with an overview: Here we will give a short introduction to our guide, what it is about and the benefi... Latest reply by Clara116
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    To ALL Florida Hosts,If anyone in the Tax Collector's Offices says that YOU are responsible for your state tax on Airbnb reservations, they are misinformed and giving you old information. Airbnb entered into an agreement with the State of Florida on Decem... Latest reply by Katherine948
    Hi everyone, We all know that pricing is something that is very important to all Hosts, even more so in our current economic situation. We asked Host Advisory board member and 10 year Airbnb Host, @Daniel1651 , to share his thoughts on pricing and... Latest reply by Delphine348
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    "Wherever I am, I live"Dear Hosts, Have you as well used the pandemic time to rethink your home: the spaces you host in, who else would you have liked to host and so on? We all stopped, making it a memorable event. Many of us have tried to look forward a... Latest reply by Claudia331
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    Hey everyone, First of all, welcome to our new Community Centre! It can be a bit daunting to be on a completely new platform, so we’ve decided to make some guides for you to follow along. Adding everything to one post would make it very long, so we’ve c... Latest reply by Mike-And-Jane0