2024 Hosting Rules, Vienna

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Vienna, Austria

2024 Hosting Rules, Vienna

Greetings fellow host! I just got that rather grim email from Airbnb saying that to host in Vienna in 2024. We are going to need to follow a whole new batch of regulations. I'm just wondering if anyone out there is also feeling the heat on this. I live in a three bedroom apartment and rent out two of the bedrooms. Anyone have any idea if I can still rent out my rooms on Airbnb? 

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London, United Kingdom

Hi @Jack2533 Welcome! 😊
As our Community Center is a global forum, it may be a bit difficult to get ideas about area-specific information. I would also recommend you ask this question to fellow Hosts through the Local Host Clubs. You can share your experiences, exchange valuable knowledge and get advice from other Hosts. I hope this helps!

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Helena-West Helena, AR

I don't know about the government regulations in Vienna, but there are cities all over that are adding new rules regarding short term rentals. Contact your local city officials to see what they are changing and how it affects you. It might not be as limiting as you think 🙂

Do you own the apartment ? Many locales only allow owners to rent additional rooms out.

Or if you also rent, then you may need permission to sublet from your landlord. Good luck !