Airbnb law in Warsaw / Poland

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Warsaw, Poland

Airbnb law in Warsaw / Poland

Hi Everyone 


I have 2 questions regarding with renting flat in Warsaw/ Poland.


1) Do I need to get permission to rent my room/ flat in Warsaw? What is the law? If someone knows please share the link with me.


2) When you accept.guest Do you use another check in platform to ask questions to your guest?


Thank you



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1. Check with your local government to see if there are short term regulations 


2. check your lease quite a few apartments write into leases that accommodation can't be used for commercial use. 


3. No all communications are done through the Airbnb platform 



Hi Helen thank you for reply. The problem is I dont know which department of government is dealing this issue. Because of that I asked maybe someone in Poland community can help. 


Regarding with  another platform in Spain they use another app additional to Airbnb. I think this is new regulation in Spain. 


Thank you again for your reply.

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Hello @Aylin77,


Thanks for bringing these questions to our community 😊


I am reaching out to some Hosts in Poland to see if they can share their experiences. Please keep in mind that not all of them are based in Warsaw: @Jaime808@Natalia1510@Marco3998 and @Jasper80.


Here is an article about responsible hosting in Poland that can offer additional insights.


I hope this helps ✌️



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