Airbnb on rented property in Mumbai?

Airbnb on rented property in Mumbai?

Hi All,

I want to start an Airbnb business in Mumbai. However I  will be renting a property and then convert it as an Airbnb. Are there any legalities that I should be aware of, can someone please guide me from scratch?




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Has the landlord said they are happy for you to sublet for STRs? @Rajat25 


Have you checked to see if there are STR regulations in your area? 

if you want to know how Airbnb works look on the Airbnb Help website

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Hi @Rajat25 , It's great to know that you are looking to Host. As Helen advised, it's important to follow short term rental regulations when starting as a Host. Here's a brief article that can help with a general idea about local regulations : 👉 Responsible hosting in India 👈 


Please keep us updated on how you progress with it 🌻



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