Are you too getting ridiculous price tips?

Are you too getting ridiculous price tips?

I am finding that the price tips given by Airbnb are just crazy low, they wouldn;t cover the cleaning and laundry...anyone else feel the same

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I agree they are low that is why I do not use them!

Yes. they are way too low. Airbnb is trying to coax travelers away from tradional hotels and b&b establishments and the way to do this is to offer cut throat prices....of course it is the hosts that are getting their throats cut! Many new hosts, in order to start up their lising and get some bookings/reviews will use these low prices. And, because there are already so many new hosts on the platform it his highly likely that guests will find what they are looking for at those cut throat prices. The only suggestion that I can give you is to list on other sites and advertise locally. I don't think that we will see an improvement in the long term......not until airbnb has run out of hosts and that won't happen very soon.

Hello Monica.  Some time has passed since you commented on Airbnb's very low prices, and as you predicted, the problem remains.  My listing has enjoyed superhost status for a bit more than two years with an average 94% five star rating, and yet I am now forced to consider traditional long term rental - rather than advertising it locally and on other platforms such as, as you suggested.  Airbnb strongly influences the entire market and prices are now too low across the board.


"Airbnb strongly influences the entire market" . Airbnb strongly influences the entire Airbnb market is more correct unless Airbnb obtained a stronghold, where you live. So don't worry to much about them, take what they send at your terms and sell at the big platforms, which accept a common minimum rate.

Agreed. They are driving the prices down so all of the hosts can race each other to the bottom. Rediculous.

You are right Marc, Airbnb has destroyed the traditional Chambre D'hote market here. We have had to diversify into long term rentals too.

I've been using Airbnb exclusively for 5 years and what you menction plus the positioning criteria make me want to try HomeAway.

I have just recently signed up for Home Away.  It's getting me better class of guests.  I should have signe up a long time ago.  

Hello Marsha,


Your comment made us signed up for Home Away today, We been using Airbnb for 1 year,  89% 5 Star, SuperHosts 4 X in a Row on October 1st, and it has been great for the High Season Months from Begining of May till end of September, but not so great the rest of the months, and also the ridiculous price suggestions that they compare us to the lowest fare and not equivalent to our Listings, which we had to do our Homework on a daily basis to adjust the prices, and not use the Airbnb Suggestions. So Let's see what Home Away has to Offer, So far they called me straigh away, and they helped me set up the Listings, from Airbnb, that way I don't have to do all the Hard Work again, Amazing and really Impressed. Thank you.


Home Away works so much better for me it is astonishing to me. Better guests, great reviews and easier for long term rentals like what I do. Not perfect you still get occasional outlandish inquiry but all in all it works for me.  It still has its drawbacks, costs more and the website is awkward and different but I adjusted.

I am also using what I did many years ago in the beginning, craigslist – they have gotten better but you have to carefully screen inquires and do your own background checks for long term.

Also at this time I am very angry with Airbnb.  Because I don't have instant book they don't even show my place - search on the map and you have to zoom far into the neighborhood before it shows up.  I have not had any Arb guests for a long time and probably won't at this point. 

Right now it is their loss not mine.

We tried Homeaway and were getting booking requests from scam clients. We had one today named "JOE DOLLAR", really? I am surprised they did not try JOHNNY GUITAR.  Homeaway or VRBO is an older database any much more prone to hacking. We had to close our VRBO account after just 6 days!

I'm a new host as of Nov 2018, and the price tips for me have been absurdly low.  In Panama City Beach, they have been recommending half the price that I have been able to get pretty easily.  

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@Stephanie27 I agree with you and @Deidre0, the pricing tips are extremely low, especially if you have at least one positive review.  A good pricing strategy is to look at similar properties in your neighborhood.  

Crazy Low?  Extremely Low?  Nahhhhh....  The price tips AirBnB keeps hurling at us are effing Insanely Low.  Their pirce tips are less than half of what I charge, and our rates are extremely fair.


You get what you pay for....  Conversely, you pay for what you get.  And with me, you get a meticulously clean, well appointed apartment, at a very reasonable price.  If you want to pay less than half of what we charge, you'll need to get back in your car... drive across the river... to that run-down former Travel Lodge filled with Roaches, Bed Bugs, Crappy Furnishings, Crack Whores, Drug Dealers, Pan Handlers, Theives, and the sound of the Interstate lulling you to sleep like the sound of Ocean Waves crashing on the passing Big Rigs and cars.


The rates AirBnB suggests aren't enough to make me get out of bed in the morning, let alone Scrub Toilets, Press Sheets, and rewash every Glass, Plate, Bowl, Cup, Mug, Pot, Pan, Knive, Fork, Spatula, Spoon, Tupperware Container, Frying Pan, Skillet, Collander, Cutting Board, Coffee Maker, Tea Kettle, Toaster and wineglass that was spotless before they arrived, and put back where they belong encrusted with grease, food, lipstick, and crud by some guest who is happy to have a full kitchen at their disposal. 


I've worked far too hard putting together warm, welcoming, well appointed spaces, and put in far too much time cleaning those spaces between guests, to be insulted by AirBnB and their effing Insane Price Tips.


My competition isn't the rat trap across the river, or the hovel down the highway.  My competiton is the hard working host who goes above and beyond to insure that their guests have an enjoyable time, and understands the value of what he or she has to offer, and isn't going to prostitute themself to make a living.


You can keep your price tips AirBnB.  STOP insulting us, and asking us to act like whores.