Artificial Intelligence and Airbnb Legislation - Discussion

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Auckland, New Zealand

Artificial Intelligence and Airbnb Legislation - Discussion

We are all going through transition stages with Artificial Intelligence wheresoever we are in this world.

This is the proposed legislation from the European Union.


How will this be addressed for those of us who are dual European citizens and also native residents by birth in other countries, including cross border regulations?


How do Airbnb propose and intend to comply with these regulations when it comes to educating and ensuring there Customer Services/ Trust and Safety, Payments teams are up to speed with these Jurisdictions?


Factoring into account countries like India where Airbnb have Customer Services based, and where there is yet to be a Privacy Act/ Data Protection legislation and our Data/ Information/Biometrics rights?




Feedback and input from all would be greatly appreciated as we are all part of a global network


  • Once approved, they will be the world’s first rules on Artificial Intelligence  
  • MEPs include bans on biometric surveillance, emotion recognition, predictive policing AI systems 
  • Tailor-made regimes for general-purpose AI and foundation models like GPT 
  • The right to make complaints about AI systems 

To ensure a human-centric and ethical development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Europe, MEPs endorsed new transparency and risk-management rules for AI systems.






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