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Backpackers hostel in Puri, Odisha

Backpackers hostel in Puri, Odisha

Hi, How many of you have visited Puri, the holy land of Jagannath in Odisha, India. Coastal charm of picturesque beaches meets cultural heritage in this sacred city of Puri. But Puri doesn’t have a single backpackers hostel as of now. I am in process of converting  my property to a backpackers hostel in Puri and would love your feedback on few points.

1. How many of you would prefer staying in a backpackers hostel which will provide a experiential living.

2. What basic necessities and amenities would you prefer in a hostel ?

3. My property is not located near the beach. So how can I compensate the same ?

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Bristol, United Kingdom

1. I wouldn't stay in a hostel but I am not your target market 


2. look at other hostels in your location and see what they are offering 


3 . no one on a forum is going to know as we don't know your location. Have you had a look to see what other holiday accommodation in your area is identifying as key reasons people should stay in your location 


in other words you need to di your market research @Snehasis0