Can someone advice on monthly rates

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Can someone advice on monthly rates

Hello, I am a brand new Airbnb host and very confused with the pricing. I listed my property for 100 e/night, 400/week and 900/month. Now I am getting my first booking requests and the system has calculated a price of 450/month. Can someone advice what I did wrong and how to fix it. Many thanks in advance, Mira

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 You have these deals activated currently on your listing;


Special offer: 20% off this home

This host is offering a one-time deal to the first 3 guests who book a trip between now and Jun 22

This host offers 25% off if you stay a week and a 55% monthly discount


The deals stack up so that explains the low monthly price.

You should go back in to the pricing section by your calendar to have a rethink. These discounts seem pretty substantial.


If you search for your listing and play around with various booking lengths, you will see what guests will pay.

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@Mira635  check if u have a monthly discount mistakenly set 

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How did you put those prices in? I think you can only set a price per night (which could be different for each day your booking period is open) and then apply a weekly or monthly discount to these prices. Is this what you did?

Also new hosts are encouraged to give a further discount for the first three bookings. This is additional to the weekly/monthly discounts.

Hope this helps (but I fear it won't)