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Hi All, I have had 5 cancellations this season. In the past I think I had 1 per year for the past 2 years. And none before that. I am a long term Super-Host with mostly excellent reviews.  I use the Firm cancellation policy.  Guests get a full refund if they cancel up to 30 days before check-in, except in certain cases. I want to be fair to my potential guests but am not certain what to do to be fair to myself. My brother, who is in real estate thinks, that a new trend is to book more than one rental (with different companies, of course) and then cancel when closer. I know this is not always the case but I'm puzzled as to the frequency this summer. All input is welcome. Regards, Tom

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@Tom2709 I sort of agree with your brother but with a subtle difference. I believe some guests are booking a 'banker' place that is good enough. At around the free cancellation point they then see if anything better or cheaper is available. If it is then they cancel the banker and book a new place to stay. With an excess of listings available and people being increasingly price conscious this is likely to happen more this year.

Hi @Mike-And-Jane0, Thank you for your thoughtful response. Makes sense! All the best, Tom

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I just a suggestion thatI am trying after reading experienced hosts  answers.  Who are you attracting to book?   Reading your description gives me a different view then reading  your reviews Your walking distance to a beautiful beach some other convivences like a little store.  Many people love not having to drive everywhere.  More than 1 person mentions a huge shoer easy to clean up after beach activities....  More than one guest also mentioned a relaxing deck and  beautiful garden.  

I am working on my listings I changed one.  A  long time Host suggested Title is similar to a magazine article title.  Written it so the Guests who like your property the most look.     

Taking that one step further, I  changad my description too.  I still make my disclosures but I  don't make the things people  might not like the highlight.  Instead I took  what  happy guests said in my review of what was a highlight for them.   I want more happy guests haha.