Charging for pets and Pet Cleaning Cost

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Columbus, GA

Charging for pets and Pet Cleaning Cost

I wish there was a more precise way to quantify pet cleaning cost other than the outline of a dog paw print.

If i knew the breed, age, size, number and whether that dog sleeps in the bed or crate ,  A Ton of information 

could be inferred and represented  to potential host as a 1 or 2  or 3 number code. Don't even need AI for a simple

data crunch like that. Breed gives the hair length and loss and if the dog is spastic. Size - Obvious .  Bed or Cage.

A small docile , short hair with low shed rate is going to jump out of the numbers. A big sweet Lab is never a problem.

Many other breeds are a nightmare and if there are 2 of them  I'd double rate, keep it low according to the code.

A code would be cool.  Dogs get different codes because the variation in dog breeds is so great so save me the

dog discrimination BS.


Sincerely, Ward 

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