Cleaning and service dogs

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Cleaning and service dogs

Hello I have a condo in Baja Mexico. I have no pets and no parties and no smoking. All three of these things are going on. What do I do? I know in Mexico they don’t have a strict service dog. Can we since we are in Mexico put a service dog fee and also extra for their dog? 

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@Kelli405 No you can't. The service dog rules apply worldwide with Airbnb and by using their platform you agree to these rules. I guess there are some jurisdictions where this may cause trouble (ie condo rules prohibit animals and country doesn't have service dog exceptions) but this would mean hosts in this situation cannot use Airbnb. A small price to pay for doing the right thing by service dogs.

Hi thank you very much for your response. I understand everything you are staying. It was my 3 rental. When I saw the dog it just threw me off. It threw me off cause I put no dogs. Then I want to say there are a lot of dishonest people who have dogs as pets not service animals by far. I would never say denying their stay once so ever. But because you have a pet for a companion is on me and why that should be allowed? I have two small non shedding dogs. I don’t travel with them they are my pets. I adore both of them dearly. I just respect the fact that people don’t allow pets. I dont put a vest on a miniature poodle and say it’s my service dog. There is a difference between a companion pet or a service animal. I’m frustrated that you can’t ask for paper work you just have to trust someone. Nope that’s where I get mad. This same person is also smoking on my patio, having people over to have a small party after quiet time. Just frustrated with this whole non control I have with my own listing. Please help with more information or help me to have patience. How do I just be quiet so I don’t get a bad review? My brights 2 of them already wrong me a text. One was so rude. I’m frustrated and new to hosting.  

@Kelli405 A few thoughts:

Hopefully the stay is short. One of the reasons we do short term rental is that any bad guests are soon gone.

Just bite your tongue and smile at the guest THEN when they leave you put in an honest (and in this case bad) review. We have only had to do this once.

On the patio smoking I wonder if the guest knows this is against the rules - Many believe that smoking bans only apply inside the property. We actually allow folks to smoke on our patios.



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