Delayed payout

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Delayed payout

For several years I have been completely satisfied with the payout schedule from Airbnb. Recently, I experienced a "delayed payout". It is so frustrating and a dishonest business practice. The guest has checked out and I still have not received the payout. Also, the support desk replied to my inquiry with this confusing poorly written message,


"Thank you for getting back to me! I understand that it is really important for the money involve but rest assured to you that you can also check them to your transaction history that has estimated arrival which that your back processing time because Airbnb will send the money to the payout after the Guest check in."


The guest has checked out, the service has been provided and yet Airbnb is holding on to my money. I think this is a terrible practice and a form of theft. 

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Hi @Mimi320 


So sorry to hear this happened! Did you receive your payout in the end?



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