Dishonest unethical host behavior

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Greenville, PA

Dishonest unethical host behavior

AirBnB listing: 




Host ** is NOT TO BE TRUSTED. 


He texted me at 4 pm the day before we were to arrive at reservation **.  He lied and said a pipeline had broken and offered me a substitute.  The text communication was NOT FROM AIR BNB. I called Air BnB and they knew nothing of this scam.


I called **'s phone number and got no response nor text.  His offer was “take it or leave it”.

4 hours passed and AirBnB did not call back.  We called them, air BnB again.  Then ** (**) stayed on the line for an hour trying to locate other “ last minute properties for 9 bedrooms in Orlando area) for the next 4 days.  ** was an immense help!


1.  He issued a full refund for “NOT TO BE TRUSTED ** reservation made in March the prior year.

2.  He helped find 3 possible properties at the near price and distance from Disney.

3.  He helped us communicate with the new hosts before reserving.

4.  He held our hand figuratively and made us feel completely cared for while dealing with this last minute stress that host Jason caused.

5.  Jason eventually connected and confessed that he booked the property to some else.  We looked online and saw that he was charging $239 more per night!  Jason is an irreputable host who AirBnB should remove from their rental listings.

6.  Fortunately, AirBNB held my money and it was returned.  Had we panicked and accepted **’s last minute scam, he would have received all of our money for a substitute location.  This ** went off AirBnB to communicate.  He is a deceiver who has done this before and will continue until Air BnB removes his listings.

7.  After 6 hours of **'s first text, ** cancelled our reservation which was made one year prior!  We think it was so he would avoid my negative review comments.  ** is what some might call a “**” or a “**.”

8.  I would like to add my review on **'s site at **.


So, thanks to ** of AirBnB our vacation was salvaged at another house.  Vacations are supposed to be stress free.  


This kind of flim-flam host, **, should be stricken from AirBnB.



**[Identifiable information removed in line with the Community Center Guidelines]

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Community Manager
Community Manager
Toronto, Canada

Hi @Dale-W0 ,

So sorry to hear about your experience and good to know you got help and necessary assistance from Airbnb Support.

Please note that I had to remove some identifiable and private information from your post in alignment with our Community Center guidelines.


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