Earning total for taxes.

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Montreal, Canada

Earning total for taxes.

Hi all, where can I find my earnings total for the past year? Previously I've always found it under "Earnings", and you could adjust the date to get a year summary. Now when I go to that same setting I can only see earnings by the month. The yearly total is only from Jan of this year to the present. But I need the last year, 2023 for tax purposes. Can anyone help? 

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@Miki5 keep clicking around the earnings section and you will find the ability to download a report into a spreadsheet format. The report can be customised with whatever fields you need and for a date range suited to your financial year.

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Agios Nikolaos, Greece

Hi @Emmanuel9 ,  Thanks but this shows a year-to-date summary, not the previous year's earnings for taxes.   



Whoops just found it! Thanks. 


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It is now under Calendar.