Turkey - new rental rules

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Turkey - new rental rules

The government have made a new rule that all short term rents require owners to have a licence - sign outside their property and the permission of all other residents in the block . Generally in most condominiums owners do not want foreign owners renting . This effectively is going to kill the vast majority of short term legal rentals in Turkey . Doing it outside the rules is not possible vans would be ill advised. The loss of income paid by apartment owners will be significant as the VAT and income tax I and others pay will stop. 

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I think whenever STR regulations come in you have hosts in these areas say it will kill the market but the reality proves otherwise .


When the STR 90 days were introduced in London some hosts complained it would kill the market but actually the reverse is true and it's become one of Airbnbs strongest markets. 

the reality is that STRs can't continue to grow unabated because of the impact they have on local communities and the price and availability of LTRs. 


I'd suggest you join with other hosts in Turkey to lobby for changes you might want to see in the regulations.


being a remote host is more difficult particularly in apartment blocks as guests can be anti-social impacting on your neighbours - so you can understand why governments are putting restrictions in place .


Best of luck . @John7529 

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This is true and of course affects villa rentals as well

as an English owner without Turkish residency I am unable to apply for the permit myself and must appoint a lawyer or Turkish person giving POA  but it seems very complicated even after that !

I have had to let down guests that had booked ages ago as I will not be able to comply with the law and the 100,000 tl fine is not something I want to risk 

Air BNB still seem quite oblivious to this despite the fact that they can be fined if not ensuring and displaying only properties that can prove permits are held . 
I may be wrong in all this and please tell me if that is the case ! 

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It's probably for the best that this is the case, given that foreign villa owners have little interest in supporting/investing in the local community outside of paying some meager wages to the locals who clean, manage, and repair their properties. As someone who often vacations in Turkey, the rental increases over the years (most of which goes to a foreign owner) have been ludicrous! I'm happy to hear that this law will make it more difficult for foreign owners in Turkey to exploit the local natural beauty while contributing peanuts to the local economy in return.