Help: contacted city and my license is approved but Airbnb shows license as pending

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Toronto, Canada

Help: contacted city and my license is approved but Airbnb shows license as pending

Thank you to all the super hosts out there. I have only just recently began listing my apartment in the city of Toronto. 

Due to my address, being incorrectly recorded, my listing was set as not approved. My address was updated after about 10 calls to get the staff to update it to the address that the city sent me.


it continues to show license pending. I have been told now by four agents that it was upgraded to urgent, and then they give me a range from anywhere from three hours to 24 hours, and the most recent call the agent said he had no idea of what time I would get a reply at. 


I absolutely understand that everyone here is trying to do their best, but I am absolutely shocked. 

repeatedly, my tickets are closed, I have to re-explain to another agent, the exact same problem. Does anyone have recommendations or similar experiences?


what would you recommend I do? It is such a helpless, feeling just being redirected around and told that there’s empathy for me, but not a solution.

I love being a member of the Airbnb community. In just two months, I’ve been able to host nearly 30 people. I’ve had guests from Ukraine, but I’ve moved to Canada to escape the war, and I have had an extremely enjoyable experience.

I would rave, and want to rave, to others about how amazing Airbnb is! But this experience is so soured my impression. 



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Toronto, Canada

Bradley, I have this exactly issue.


My listing has been off now for over 3 months and I have attempted to re-submit my license over and over again with different literations of my address to try to match. Every time having to call Airbnb to make the change because I am not able to change the address on my profile myself after having accepted reservations previously already. 

City of Toronto reviewed my listing and my license and has told me they could not reactive my listing and sent me an email saying they are good and to provide that email as proof to Airbnb to reactivate my listing for me. Yet no one at Airbnb seems to understand the issue or know how to fix it. They keep closing the issue and I have to explain again without issue being resolved! Or they refer me to a specialized team who just emails me that I need to make sure it matches and does not provide ways of communicating back with them. 

it’s been 3 months and I am at a loss to what else to do!!! 

AIRBNB - please help!! 

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Hi William, 

can you tell me if your issue was resolved and how? I am in the exact situation. 


In the same situation also.

waiting 4 months for reply.

have sent multiple follow up emails.