How can guests add government ID after primary verification?

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How can guests add government ID after primary verification?

I rent a house.  I have seen and gone through the standard verification by AirBNB. It's not enough, I require a government ID at least on line to AirBNB.  Not much but more than the standard.  HOWEVER, if you go through the standard process you can't add a government ID later.


There are no selections or places to add a government ID.  I have had to pass on people because they have no reviews and a phone number/whatever verifed.  

Is there a way to add a government ID to a guest profile after the primary verification?  Adding a government ID should be a box on the profile that can be accessed at any time!

I hope I am just missing something.

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Hello @Charles88,


Many hosts here have said that they request guests who haven't already done so to go through the process to provide government ID to Airbnb. These guests would already have a profile with the minimum requirements. They sometimes have to help the guest with instructions but it does work.


The article below indicates that it is possible to add additional ID. The guest should go to "Profile", then "Trust and verification". Then under "Add more verifications" choose the verification to add.


As, like me, you've already provided all verifications that "Add more ..." section won't appear in your profile.

I originally created my profile more than a year ago but was able to add ID verification when I started hosting last September.

The "Add more verifications" section doesn't now appear on my profile as I added all verifications some time ago.






Thanks for the try, but nada.  We went into my wife's ID which she uses when she travels without me.  When she first verified she was presented with verify with a government ID or other factors.  She took other factors.  We did as you suggested, though we had tried this before hoping we had missed something, unfortunately she can add American Express or LinkedIn, but NOT a government ID. 

My point to AirBNB here is why are you creating two separate routes anyway.  THOUGH, being in software and web design and looking at their site and it's confused interface, I believe it is some kind of weird decision made long ago.  

Steve, you are correct in your design concept, under that box that has additional verification factors there should be "provide a government ID".

Here's the strange, unthoughtful part of the AirBNB design, I can and do as a person who rents out a whole house, require a government ID with the little check box AirBNB provides in their web interface.  This requires a frustrating amount of time for users to figure out that they have to call AirBNB to get the ID in.  These same guests are frustrated as hell since they can't find the CS number on the site without incredible luck and perseverence.  I send them a google phrase that shows the number in the first result box. 

AirBnB, follow Steve's assumption and advice, put government ID under Trust and Verification where it should be.  Then call me so I can give your website team some insight into the design of a coherent interface!  I will do it for free.

Best regards

Here is the relevant quote from the verification process:

"We'll ask for 2 forms of ID: an official ID and an online profile. This gives hosts more information to make a decision about your reservation request."

My question, WHY?  Why not allow both?  This means that I elimnate most of the people who get on AirBNB.  What kind of silly choice is this?  PUT BOTH IN THE "TRUST AND VERIFICATION" section under Profile!  

Please correct this useless differentation.  All of the people I have asked for government ID verification have spent hours before finally getting it done.  I know you don't want to spend the time to do the verification, but I am renting an asset worth over $350,000!  You make less if you fail to correct this.  Further you will make less because I will go to other sites and or stop renting.  Seriously, you think you are going to slip poorly verified people into my house using your automated system?  You have to do some work, AirBNB, but in the end the cost will disappear in a pile of zeros to the right of the decimal!!!

I think the best way to handle this is to have the guest start a new guest profile and chose the "government ID" choice.  This will be an issue for AirBNB and motivate them to fix this issue.

@Charles88 and @Charles118, this forum is a great place to ask questions of other hosts, but not the best place to have your ideas for a better interface seen by anyone who can fix the interface. 

Distill your idea into a proposed solution, and post it in Host Voice. You find that under 'Discuss' at the top of this page. Hopefully there it will get some attention. 

All the best!

It looks like I'm going to have to do just this - create an entirely new profile just to input my government id.


I realize yours is an older post, but creating the new account as you recommned does not work either. I am new to airbnb, and at my initial verification step the tool would not let me upload a government ID, even though I had already scanned my license. I am not  social media user. Why should that fact restrict me from using this product??

I think I need to go back to Which is a pity because there were some nice propoerties in Nashville counting on my reservation. 😞


Your frustration is palpable and absolutely right.  Why this isn't a simple selection right there on the page, I don't know!  What does it take to bring that out, I can tell you as a systems architect, NO ISSUE AT ALL.  ABB! Listen to your guests and hosts! Make this a separate selection.  Make putting a government ID EASY and SEPARATE!  Oh, well, they seem more involved with chosing colors and other things, though to be fair the new full refund policy is a GREAT move.

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A reply I got from a potential guest after I had requested government-id be added....


"I figured it out. I had to un-verified my account, in order to get the governmental ID option to show up again."


I hope this helps 🙂

To add to Aaron's recent post, to get the "Verify Government ID" option back if it's not available, removing my social media profile(s) was not enough. I had to remove my verified cell phone number, too, then a big red "Verify ID" button appeared at the top of the "Trust and Verification" page that let me add my government ID finally.

Hope that helps!


I tried that and it didn't work. Did I miss something?

I don't know how to "un-verify" my account!

How did they unverify their account?

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Airbnb, I just want you to change your design. I want you to know you frusterate far too many people who would be willing to spend good money. I can't even tell you you how much business you lose due to this malfunction. We can't easily add a government i.d. Why not? If it is required than streamline it. No one wants to spend time freaking out over reservations and an app. I cried like a bafoon in an airport & never even was able to use Airbnb due to this idiotic problem you have. Then after much annoyance when my time isn't free, I went a different route after calling cs and that not going well, after  days (I don't have time like this), was able to put an i.d. on only to buy a new phone & need to add an i.d. all over again, which of course isn't convenient, doesn't work in the app, isn't stored, after installing your app in a brand new phone & needing to travel a bunch more only six weeks later. To hell with you. Why advertise if you can't come through? Do you enjoy losing money from millions of people? Genius.