How do I delete the photo tour?

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How do I delete the photo tour?

I wanted to add a new picture to my listing and had to create a photo tour. It's horrid! Nothing makes sense and everything is out of order. How do i go about deleting it? 

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Lisa, I just checked out your place and it is absolutely magical!! We love the Keys. We used to have a house in Key West and we always had the best time!

Thanks for the info ... 


If you have one listing with a "normal" property that might work ... they don't have enough categories for me to properly list my properties let alone describe the locations properly. 


So annoyed ... 

i just added a new listing this week and despise the photo tour, luckily i only had 1 booking, so i deleted the listing, re added it and did not touch the photo tour option, which allowed me to obv stick with the old gallery that allows me to change my photo order.

Unfortunately i am currently not able to add any photos or edit existing order of them. From my recollection, the moment you hit that photo tour button it auto switches you to their auto ordering bs layout.

annoyed by lack of control. If anyone has a solution to add or edit photos while maintaining the old gallery layout i'm all ears.

Hi @Jenny838 , @Torin35 , @Roberto1111@Jenny838@Lisa7678 

At the moment, the only way to "delete" the photo tour is a workaround. If you try to delete all the photos from the rooms (they go to addl photos), then the listing will show as a "Studio".  I wanted to see if I could figure out a way to delete the photo tour but still keep the listing from showing as a "Studio" with "0" bathrooms. Got a hint from another Host somewhere on the CC and decided to "fiddle" with it.



Before trying this workaround, make sure you have all your photos saved on your computer just in case. The workaround is that the tour will not work if there is not at least one photo in each room. If you move all the photos say out of the living room to addl photos, the tour is "deleted."  However, DO NOT remove photos from the bedroom(s) Room. This is because the system uses the "sleeping arrangements" and type of bed to populate your subtitle that shows the number of bedrooms. The system also uses the Bedroom Room to populate the "where you'll sleep" photos on the listing. You can also delete all the rooms except the bedroom(s). The photos should all move to "addl photos, but that seems to be more work. You should not have to delete individual photos. You are only deleting the "rooms or spaces". 






Then click the "All photos" at the top of the page and all your photos will appear in a grid. Simply drag and drop the photos where you want them to appear on the listing and in what order. I was able to do this on a recent new listing and it works. As long as you leave your bedroom photos in the Bedroom "Room". The only small issue is that one of the bedroom photos will appear on the listing in a random location, but all the other photos appeared where I put them in the grid.




@Stephanie1288 pointed out you will still see the words "Photo Tour" on the left side of the Listing Editor, but the photos are no longer arranged in a "Tour" in guest view and you'll see your photos in a grid instead of in each "room" icon when clicking the "All Photos" button as a Host. Simply add photos and move around as you wish. Photos added will appear at the bottom of the photo grid. You can move them around after that as needed and place them where you want. 


Hopefully Airbnb will make a change that allows Hosts to simply select one button do decide if they want the photo tour or not. Until then, this is the only way I can see to go back to allowing the Host to decide in what order the photos will be shown to a guest.


Let us know if this works for you here, as it may help other Hosts with the same problem. 😊 

Wooow great tip Joan, going to try it out.
Bit afraid because Airbnb just gave me a photo shooting of my location for free and they’ve just ulpoad most of the pics and I don’t heave it all in high quality and I can’t save it from the gallery…

but I will try anyway because got no inquiries at all since it’s in “studio mode”

Hi @Roberto1111 

Let us know how it goes. It should be fine as long as you only move photos from a room and move to additional photos or delete a room. Just be sure not to delete individual photos. 

EXCEPT… my bedroom #1 is the category that customer service altered. It has no photos - they removed them.  But my listing (customer view)  still shows the appropriate bedroom and bath count. 

However - customer service removed photos from my bedroom #1. They did not remove the bedroom, just the photos from that room alone. Customer view no longer shows photo tour, and still shows right number of bedrooms and baths. On

y end, I see Photo Tour and a generic icon of a bed for bedroom #1. The thing seems to be - eliminate photos from the room/area, just don't eliminate the room/area itself. 

Hi @Stephanie1288 

Luv your place! 

The only thing is I don't see photos of the bedrooms in the "Where You'll Sleep" Section of your isting as a guest (only the icons)? Not sure if it's because there are no photos in the Bedroom 1 room? Not sure?





Now I’m with you!  I didn't notice the photos had disappeared from there.  To remedy,  I just removed the photos from the backyard and restored  the bedroom photos and now photos show on “Where you’ll sleep.”  But Photo Tour remains disabled. Thank you!!  And thanks for the kind words about our guest house. 


Perfect! 👏

Glad that all looks great! 👍

This article didn't answer the question. How do you DELETE or turn off the photo tour?

Based on advice above from Kermit3, I called just minutes ago and asked that it be deleted from my listing.  The service rep was accommodating, and I gathered that the request is not uncommon.  He said it will be 2-3 days but I just looked  and it's already reset. 


I also gave feedback about not liking it as a host and also not when we travel.  They are junking up the listings so much with extras (in the name of simplification) that people get confused and can't find the important things. 

Addendum - I just noticed the caveat from the platform that Photo Tour will only be displayed to guests if every room/area has a photo.  It appears that the way customer service disabled mine was to remove the photos from one of my bedrooms.  When I choose to view my listing as a traveler, photo tour is gone.  When I look at it as a host, I still see Photo Tour but the one bedroom is void of photos.  So.... I suspect any of us can DIY this - just choose a room and remove the photos from that room. 


Hi @Stephanie1288 

I discovered this as well. The only issue is you should not remove the bedrooms "Room" as the system uses it to populate the number/type of beds in your Subtitle and the "Where You'll Sleep Section" I believe.


You can then use the "All Photos" to drag and drop the photos where you want them to appear to a guest.