IT FEEDBACK. Can we "de enrolled" from the summer release?

IT FEEDBACK. Can we "de enrolled" from the summer release?


Hi community managers, can you forward my message to someone in IT, so I can de-install this very buggy summer release? 


We typically do not early enroll for releases, however, as this one was so well hyped, we wanted to increase our efficiency, we enrolled ~ 


We've had nothing but issues, in every area...we've had to create our own work arounds, including creating a word document, that lists every single of one our pages  url link, so we can access the listing editor pages for our site, even this doesn't work 100%. 


No amount of updating our systems, changing web browsers, turning off and on~ or using android, and ALL Mac products works to solve the issues of not being able to respond to a clients message.  


Can a topic on this board be created for IT issues? 


How do I get this off my system, thanks. 





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Community Manager
Community Manager
Toronto, Canada

Hi @Alex1485 , I'm so sorry to hear of your experience with the updates. Unfortunately, once you enroll in Early Access of the product releases, Hosts can’t go back to the previous version of these features. Learn more on the Help Center about it.


If you'd like to leave your experience and feedback for Airbnb, I also recommend sharing it directly as well via Feedback form


Thanks again for candidly sharing your thoughts with us 🌻.



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