Land Registration number in Santorini Greece

Land Registration number in Santorini Greece

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I would like to ask if anyone has faced the same issue that i am facing. I am the host of some properties in Santorini, Greece and now Aribnb asks for the  Land Registration number of the properties. The problem is that in Santorini (as well as in other areas in Greece) the process to register your land hasn't started yet from the official land registration office of the government so there is no such number for us. How should i deal with it. I read that if we do not provide this number our properties won't be showed to the guests so we won't receive any reservations. Is that true and if yes, what should i do regarding the requested number? 


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Hi @Giannis83 

This article on Tax data sharing under DAC7  has some FAQs that might be helpful here: 


Is it mandatory for me to provide the LRN of the property?

For hosts with listings in the EU (excluding Ireland), if you have the LRN you are required to provide it when it’s available. However, if you do not have the LRN, you can still submit your tax information without it.


Will failing to provide the LRN affect my ability to host or receive payments on Airbnb?

No. If you do not have the LRN for your property, you can continue hosting and receiving payments as normal on the Airbnb platform.

Please let us know how you get on with the system as it develops in Santorini! I'm sure other Hosts will be eager to hear your experience.



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