Looking for Superhost in Monterey CA Area for 2 Homes with $200k+ Income Potential

Looking for Superhost in Monterey CA Area for 2 Homes with $200k+ Income Potential


We are experienced traveler homeowners looking for a superhost to co-host with us two well situated homes in the beach town of Marina CA (close to the Monterey Peninsula) that we will rent on Airbnb within the next two years.  The homes have combined annual rent potential of $200k+ according to multiple websites, including airbnb’s rent calculator.  With co-host superhost management we believe potential net income is easily over $200k, which we want to share with the superhost.  We have created a detailed plan to optimize income based on multi-year research on short term rentals in the area and are wondering what a superhost thinks of this plan.  If interested, or if you know a superhost who may be interested, please contact us. 

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Thanks @Emilie!

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Carmel-By-The-Sea, CA

Hello @Jonathan1894 , 

I'm new to the AirBnB platform so I have not reached SuperHost status yet, but I'd love to discuss this opportunity with you, if still available. I'm local to the Monterey Peninsula and would love to connect to learn more. 



Hi @Erin6539 , thank you for your interest!  Our opportunity is no longer available at this time, but may be available in a year or more in the future.  If interested, please message me and we can chat.

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Community Manager
London, United Kingdom

Hi @Jonathan1894


As the Community Center is a global space, you might have more luck finding someone local to work with by having a look at Host clubs near you:




Best of luck in your search!




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