Looking for a local (Chicago OR Bradenton) CPA or tax advisor with experience in short term rentals

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Looking for a local (Chicago OR Bradenton) CPA or tax advisor with experience in short term rentals



We started a new business this past year and it's our first time doing taxes.  We are looking for recommendations for a CPA or tax advisor that has knowledge and experience working with taxes for short term rentals.


We are located in Chicago but our rental is in Bradenton, FL--so really someone located in either spot would be great.  We'd just like to be able to easily communicate with them or maybe even meet in person.


Thank you so much for the help!!


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@Moira117  Just FYI, taxes for a STR are not particularly complicated. ANY competent tax processor should be able to process your STR numbers easily. Short or long-term rentals don't differ a lot- it's simply a matter of income minus expenses equaling your net profit. It goes on a Schedule E. 

As long as you've kept good track of everything, it's pretty straightforward. 


Why am I telling you this? So you don't spend a lot of time looking for someone special. This is really basic when it comes to taxes. Just ask your friends/family/other locals and take their recommendations. Good luck. 

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Hi @Moira117 ,


Were you able to find any information about this? If so, would you mind sharing any suggestions for fellow Community members in case they run into a similar query?
You can also take a look at Local Host Clubs near you to connect with hosts, who might be able to help you with area-specific tax information or CPA/ tax advisor.



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