Looking for co host philippines

Looking for co host philippines

Hello everyone! I have a unit in Newport City, Philippines. I am looking for a co host to help me manage it while I’m away. Just send me a message for someone who’s intrested.

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Makati, Philippines

Hi Ms. Kylie I'm interested po to Co'host your unit also I can also post it and boost it po to Social Media Platform. Please update me po if interested po sila Thank you 🥰

Hi Kylie,
I'm Interested. Are you still looking for a co-host?

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Pasay, Philippines

@Kylie165 I am nearby your place. I am willing to be your co host if you are still looking for one. 

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Pereira, Colombia

Hello Kylie 


I am a New York City resident, I can help you manage your listing in order to increase your booking count as a Co-host i can help you with the Time Zone difference, that being said, not leaving any message unanswered.



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Makati, Philippines

Hi good day! I am Joe from Makati City. I have a unit at SMDC Coast Residences. Please let me know how can I help you. My pH number is ***. Thanks God bless



**[Phone number hidden due to safety reasons - Community Center Guidelines]

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Community Manager
Toronto, Canada

Hey @Kylie165 ,

Welcome to the Airbnb Community Center!


Did you happen to find a reliable Co-host for your listing? If not, you can also head to the Local Host Clubs near you to connect with hosts, who are likely to be interested in your offer! Do let us know how your search has been going. Would love to hear more from you!

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Hello would like to help tell me what your looking for I am an airbnb host in the USA in Atlanta