My account was suspended with NO communication from Airbnb

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Chattanooga, TN

My account was suspended with NO communication from Airbnb

Today is day 6, and my account is still suspended.


Every time I call my Superhost customer service phone number I'm told this is being escalated to the correct department and I should get an email within 24 hours. I've never gotten an email stating this has happened, why, or how to appeal. 


I reported a guest had drugs, but they denied it. I had pictures. They then reported me for slander saying I "violating the review policy". I gave her a 4.5-star review with the only negative statement "guest did not follow house rules and I found suspicious substances."


She then claimed those were my drugs and put her family in harm. She let me a huge list of things she thought could be improved, but drugs were not her list. She only made claims after I did. She claimed the fridge was dirty, and it was drugs on the refrigerator.


She obviously wanted me to know that she had the power. 


I did not take down the review or give her a refund. Honestly, I just moved on. 


She kept persisting and had me suspended a year later....over that review.


She said she'll stop the investigation if I pay her $1,000 and reimburse her for all her trouble. 


Since when does ONE customer get to take down an entire business that has over 700 fantastic reviews? This is ludicrous. I would LOVE for Airbnb support to help ME out and take my side of the story seriously. 

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York, MT

How did they accuse you of violating the review policy!? I’m about to give a review for my second guest who left drugs and vomit all over our home. We just listed last week and have lots of bookings, but this guest was bonkers. They also tried saying we left it a mess, but like. We just finished rehabbing and remodeling the inside and our first guest was a perfect one! No complaints whatsoever. 

‘’I hope you get a good resolution & Airbnb does right by you. 

I left a public 4.5 review and said they left illegal substance, and they flagged me for breaking Airbnb review policies and said it was public slander.


They also claimed they were my drugs even though I reported them first. 


Airbnb took 6 days to "review the case", shut me down the entire time, and them it just magically started working again. 


Next time, I'd leave them a bad review, get insurance reimbursement for clean up, and not mention drugs in the public review. 


You can also call the 800#, report them, and block them.