Need Co Host zip 92129

Need Co Host zip 92129

We have a lovely 3 bedroom house on a canyon with great views. Our current Co Host is moving away so we are looking for another co host who can handle all the requirements of co hosting our Home over the summer months. Please contact us if you can help. We are in San Diego in 92129 zip code.


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Community Manager
Toronto, Canada

Hi @Jeanne-And-Mike0 ! Hope you are doing well🌻. 


Have you already found a Co-host? You can also explore our guide that can help with finding Co-Hosts on Airbnb. Sharing the link here : How to find and become an experienced Co-Host on Airbnb?

 Keep us posted!



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San Diego, CA

I am an experienced super host and I’m looking to on board a few properties this summer. I currently own 3 bnbs and manage an additional 3 properties as well. My wife runs the cleaning crew as well. We work in tandem and you can see from our reviews it’s 5 star service. **




 Chris **


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