Need a property manager in Somerville, NJ, USA, 08876

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New Jersey, United States

Need a property manager in Somerville, NJ, USA, 08876


I have a 2 bedroom townhome right next to the somerville train station in NJ. I need a property manager to manage this listing.**





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Hi @Ajay125 👋


The best place to find a Co-Host is to head to: How to find and become an experienced Co-Host on Airbnb? 


I hope this helps, 

Rebecca 🦋



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Hey Ajay, I'd love to help. Shoot me a message and I'll share my contact info.

Hey I have a cleaning company /super service send a ameassge I send over website handle all your property manger needs and many more 


@Ajay125 As an experienced Airbnb host and a property manager with Upfish Mgmt, I believe I'd be happy to help you! We specialize in managing Airbnb listings to maximize occupancy rates and guest satisfaction. 🙂