New host - payout guide

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New host - payout guide

Good day, Fellow Airbnb Hosts!

I’m Abby,  a newbie Filipino host here on the platform. I recently had 2 bookings for our less than a week listing. 

i just want to ask what are the factors that may possibly put your earnings on hold? I linked my BDO account as my default payout but currently these 2 booked dates are tagged as “on hold” by Airbnb.


Thinking that maybe the set up of swift and bank code may be a factor. Hope my fellow pinoy host can also help me with this. Thank you! 

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Hello @Mary-Abelaine0  welcome to Airbnb and the Community Center.


Are your payouts still on hold? This could be related to verifying your Host account. Please take a look at the article.


I am reaching out to one of our most expert Hosts in the Philippines, @Patricia2526, to see if she has any suggestions to share here 🙏


Keep us posted 🌻



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Hello @Mary-Abelaine0  and thanks @Paula for tagging.


Hi again, did you check your payout method status? I added BDO and I used these codes

Swift code - BNORPHMMXXX

Bank code - 010530667


Also double-check if all your information provided matches the requirements of Airbnb's payout system. Sometimes, it's a simple fix like updating your account details or verifying your payment method. If the issue persists, reaching out to Airbnb's customer support would be the best course of action for personalized assistance.


Hope this helps!

Btw join us in Philippines Airbnb Host Community!  

Hope to meet you in one of our meet ups or community activities.


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