Payout on hold

Payout on hold

Hi all,


Good day.


I have been hosting since 2021.

This is the first time I have experienced a payout on hold without any email or notice from Airbnb.


The reservation is on 15 March 2024. It is expected to receive an email that the payout was sent in 24-48 hours from the check-in date.


However, there is no email and no payout credit to my savings account.


I make my first call on 18 March 2024. The customer support asked me to wait until 23 March 2024.


I have a reservation on 20 March 2024. I have received the email that the payout was sent and the payout was credited to my account on 21 March 2024.


I called customer support on 19 March, 20 March, and 21 March for an update on my payout and my payout was changed from scheduled to on hold since 18 March 2024. Their responses either ask me to wait until 23 March or keep telling me that they have forwarded my concern to the dedicated team/ specialized team.


On 22 March, I called customer support again. They told me there was a team investigating my case and asked me to wait until 23 March or 26 March and check if I received any amount from Airbnb by 26 March.


I called customer support on 23 March and 24 March for an update on my case. the last customer support told me that the specialized team had just started their investigation on 24 March.


I called on 25 March, 26 March, 27 March for an update of my case. Most of them still asked me to wait for another 24 hours and forwarded my concern to the specialized team again and then again. One of the customer support told me the delay of the payout was due to a technical glitch. But, I believe this is not my fault, or it's me who causing all this delay


Today, 28 March. The customer support told me it was my KYC delayed the process but I have completed it since 2021. It does not make any sense. Right now the only thing that is delaying the process is either a technical glitch or a bug. 


It's been 12 days since 16 March 2024 and I have been calling customer support since 18 March 2024 twice or thrice a day for an update on my case. Please do tag any community manager who can lend me a help to resolve the delay instead of forwarding my concern to the specialized team.


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Hi @Kelvin219 👋


As it's been a little while since you posted, I wanted to check in to see if you payout has arrived? 


Please let me know. Looking forward to hearing from you. 😊



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I have been experiencing the same, with some payments on hold since December 2023. They also gave me the same excuses, 1) to wait a week, nothing happened after a week 2) to wait another week, nothing happened 3) KYC under review but I have completed that. I have contacted their support team multiple times and I still don't have an answer. It's been months. No one seems to know what's going on. Anyone found a solution to this? 

This seems to be an ongoing issue. A quick search led me to posts regarding these issues going back to at least 2020.  As a traveler I would have been appalled to find that Airbnb had deducted money from my account without paying the host. Now experiencing this as a host is pretty disconcerting. I have made three calls and have different information both verbally and in writing. I’ve decided to simply take it up with my guests tomorrow and let them know that money was deducted without payment through no fault of their own. 

We have also started seeing our payouts status on hold. The good news we have received money, but our June earnings are shown as zero. 

Hi Kelvin, have you received the payout yet ?



I have same problem,  This is 2nd time the payout has delayed and hasn’t issued / released to my bank.


This is airbnb say in the policy.


“”If everything running smoothly the pay out should release 24 hours after guest moving “

My guest moved in on April 11th 2024 today 20th the payout £3060 has not released / issued to my bank ,

When I checked my payout status is still “on hold “


Airbnb keeps lying each day when I call and claimed the payout will send on 12th which wasn’t, again on 15th lying , again on18th lying and again checked on my account payout status is still on hold , they don’t take any actions whatsoever, what is going here, I wonder.



 Such a big company that is the way they treat hosts ? It is really shame. we work so hard to provide the best accommodation for the guests, in return I have been treated in this way, I don’t get rewarded and don’t get pay while guest is still at my property.


All massages have been ignored and problems have not been resolved.


when i check my account the pay still “on hold “ 


I’ve been calling customer service for many days, dozens of emails back-and-forth. All they said is technical issues, some staff even say “ they have no ideals what happen” is anyone can resolve the issue and release the payment .



Nothing has resolved, no trust, no confidence, no respects from Airbnb anymore  .


In fact, Airbnb organizing a stranger to move into my property, and the host has not getting paid. 


the guest is living there for free , Airbnb is the organizer of this event I don’t expect this happen , whatever the issues they experienced it has been a while since guest move in, Airbnb should take this action immediately and urgently 


Now i have lack of patience, respects and confidence with them in the future. 

is anyone can advise and support the host , we don’t  deserve being treated this way…..


pls help 

I have a payout being held since May 2024. It is now July 2024. It's around $150, there were no issues, guest left a 5 star review. I still keep being told they have a team investigating it and they are going to "close the case for now". I always click to say, yes, I still need help and get the same "we're working on it" response.  Shouldn't they be able to pay me what I am owed, and investigate on their own time? I know that guest paid, or they wouldn't have received a green light to stay.