Process of getting a STR permit in STL City

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St Louis, MO

Process of getting a STR permit in STL City

If you have to get a special permit process, where and how Airbnb will display required permit info on each host's listings per required new regulation laws. Will Airbnb further restrict host calendars or is it left up the the host to set or not set the calendar accordingly. What exactly is recorded from Airbnb and what exactly is reported to government as required by new regulatory laws - on local levels?

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Bristol, United Kingdom

If there is a legal requirement in your area for STR licensing - normally Airbnb will not allow your listing on their platform unless you have a license number. You would have to ask Airbnb what they declare to your local government @Zen445 


In London there is no licensing but they block your calendar so you can't let out more than the legal requirements ie 90 days.