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Hi Ahmed here I listed my property on Airbnb But have no good response 

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Hello @Ahmed853  and welcome to the community!


The number of reservations depends on demand and number of other available properties, so every host faces the same challenge how to attract guests. Good news is that Airbnb helps new hosts by boosting their listings, so it is promoted in the beginning to increase visibility. During this period, you should take occasion and find ways to attract guests. For example:

- promote your listing to social networks (Facebook, Instagram, ...etc)

- spread the link to other places/websites so it backlinks to your listing

- offer lower prices so it will be more attractive to guests

- create promotions rather than decrease prices manually. In that case, a visible sign will be present (strikethrough price, badge) and if your promotion is at least 20% Airbnb may send emails to guests looking for your destination.

- ...


If the demand is low, it affects everyone, not just you. But fortunately, as we said, Airbnb is helping new hosts to start by increasing visibility of their listings. After that, they continue on their own. So, take the chance during this period to "roll the ball". Wish you a good luck!