Scheduled Message / Multi-Language

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Berlin, Germany

Scheduled Message / Multi-Language


it’d be cool if AirB in “scheduled messages” can also integrate a multi-language feature, where the host can map which guest’s resident-location’s language is mapped to which message language version. Like a checkbox per language where the host has created a language version of the scheduled message, and the selection of a language (for example English) for all other guest’s resident-location’s language.




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Canary Islands, Spain

Yes, I agree – we also need this feature, as we operate in a multilingual environment. The same way as we can translate the listings descriptions, we need to be able to setup the scheduled messages in several languages (leaving English as the default language). Please @Airbnb, can you add this?

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London, United Kingdom

I'd agree. This feature would be so useful!

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Zürich, Switzerland

Yep, I agree with this. I mostly use english with guests, but some prefer german. It would be a bit weird if i'd been communicating in german, and then suddenly send an automated english message

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Bordeaux, France

Yep, would certainly be a welcome addition! 
Not as good, I know, but I get round it by using the Quick Replies feature. I’ve set up the same message in different languages, so then it’s just a matter of choosing the right message.

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Arcore, Italy

Is this feature in consideration? It would be great.

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Canary Islands, Spain

Hey, dear @Airbnb folks: Do you hear us? We all need to be able to add translations for selected languages on our scheduled messages, otherwise this feature is useless for us. English should be the default and fallback language, but certain customers require specific translations. You probably won't believe it, but not everybody is in the U.S. and not everybody speaks English. 😉 Why can we add translations for the listing descriptions etc. but not for scheduled messages? Could you give us some feedback about this asap please?! Thank you!!

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Doral, FL

This feature sounded like a good idea at first, but local guests only speak Spanish and most tourists only speak English, without being able to select the language that I am going to use to properly communicate with the guests this feature is useless and can create more harm than good

julio londono
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Lyon, France

I also approve of this feature; it would be extremely useful, especially in Europe where we usually have a 50-50 mix of English and local language; meaning 50% of your automated messages are in an irrelevant language. I hope they release this feature; it shouldn't be too complicated to code ! 

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West Palm Beach, FL

Don’t messages auto translate to the language the guest is using on the app?

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Dresden, Germany

Please implement this feature Airbnb. We all need it!

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New York, NY

Hello, Is there any update on implementing this feature with the option of having different languages depending on the guest? 

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Artemida, Greece

Hello, this is a really useful feature, the lack of language handling removes from the scheduled messages  a large part of their value. The mechanics are already there as we have the option to select the scheduled message language when editing them, now the only missing part is to map the message with the user's app language. 

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Marbella, Spain

I agree with this one and noticed the problem with the first guest I was trying this feature. I have created my messages in 4 languages and they were all sent which was not very convenient. So due to this I stopped using the feature completely as it took me more time in selecting the messages I wanted to include, than just select it manually each time I need to send a message to the guest. 


Also another thing that would be useful is being able to filter the message templates somehow as my list is quite long due to the fact that ALL my messages are in 4 languages and for each property its usually different so it takes a long time too scroll and find the message you are looking for. @Airbnb 

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İstanbul, Turkey

This is probably the most useful feature that is missing. Is there a third party alternative that can allow for this? Please airbnb. Please. It is so hard right now.