Sub letting insurance

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Sub letting insurance

I am a tenant and operate an Airbnb.

I am trying to find an insurance company that will give me household & contents cover for the Airbnb mindful of the fact that I don’t own the property.

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Bristol, United Kingdom

You could speak to a local insurance broker. You need home insurance for short term lets.  @Dennis353 

Also your landlord needs to speak to his building insurance as sometimes STR invalidates it. 


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Pontefract, United Kingdom

Were you able to get in touch with a broker to review some options @Dennis353



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Hi Breanna,

I think every country is more than likely quite different as to insurance matters.

It is difficult to find an insurance company in Australia that will offer cover for a sub let situation.

The owner of the property is a friend and she is concerned on two points

1 third party liability ie. are the guests covered in case of accident and

2 will the insurance cover damage by guests.

 I know Airbnb say they will cover these situations but am not sure what guarantee they will offer

Thanks for your advice,