Tax issue

Tax issue

Hello, a few years ago I started to rent my private property on Airbnb and then I listed my tax ID for this property. Last year added 3 apartments that belong to my sister but the income is going to her company, an LTD. When I listed the properties last year, I added to each listing the company name, the company tax ID etc assuming that the income will go to the company. However, while the rental fee did go to the company, I just noticed that at the Airbnb tax document that all income is going to my Tax ID. When I called Airbnb, they told me that there can only be one Tax ID on one account. Now for days, I have been asking Airbnb customer service to advise me how to sort this thing out, so far they have not provided me with a solution. I am asking them if I should open another account and then transfer the listings (either the private or the company ones( to that and at least in the future, tax issues will be clear. My only concerns are that since I have a lot of bookings for the summer, something can happen to them during the transfer and that I will lose my reviews....Has anyone been to similar situation and perhaps has a solution for me? Thank you for your time and I hope I explained my situation clearly. Best regards, Katalin

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Hi Katalin,


Im kind of in the same situation. Managing expectations for me the topic is also still pending, I just had another call with AirBnb today.


Context: few years ago I listed the AirBnb to support my parents as they wanted to try it out, at that point in time no tax regulations applicable yet for AirBnb. Once the regulation started my dad was on top of it as an accountant and had a call with AirBnb to make sure the income was correctly allocated, “as the person who lists the accommodation needs to be the host”. We got the reply that making my mom cohost & adding her ID in the tax section should be sufficient. However the income was fully & wrongly allocated on my name however we handed in the taxes on my moms name. Quite stressful as Airbnb could not / did not want to reverse the wrongly allocated tax fiche after they misinformed us  😞 

Currently I see one quite drastic solution: removing the listing & starting it as a new one on the account of my mom with her ID. This would mean losing upcoming bookings, superhost status & reviews. I’m at this point even doubting to add myself as a cohost to avoid any tax confusion. 

Reply of Airbnb: complex case & they will come back with more information. 

Actually Im super curious how they will support you on this topic, cause until now it was difficult to approach someone at AirBnb. We have sent several mails, calls, get in touch with their tax team.. Let’s keep in touch! 

Wishing you all the best to solve the topic - as there are more cases, maybe they can find a general solution!  

Best wishes