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Turnover cleaning

Hello I’m a host in Dubai and I have 8 Apartments and really I’m struggling with the cleaning company 

can some one help which company to take for taken care of cleaning and laundry service soo I can be hassle free . Thank you

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Handling cleaning and laundry services for multiple properties can indeed be a challenge, especially in a bustling market like Dubai. However, I think you should do thorough research to identify cleaning and laundry services in Dubai that specialize in short-term rental properties. Look for companies with excellent reviews and a track record of working with Airbnb hosts on various social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook such as Mama Lola. You can also compare the services offered, pricing, availability, and flexibility of the companies. Some may offer packages specifically designed for short-term rentals, including laundry, deep cleaning, and even restocking supplies. You can also consider a trial period with a short-term contract to evaluate their services before committing to long-term. This allows you to assess the quality of their work and reliability.
You can also use property management software that integrates with Airbnb and other rental platforms. Some software solutions offer features to automatically schedule cleaning after each guest checks out. The guest registration tool is a reliable one to consider. It is advisable to choose companies that allow for seamless digital communication and scheduling through apps or online platforms. This can significantly reduce the hassle of managing appointments and ensuring availability. If possible, schedule buffer days between bookings to allow for more flexible cleaning schedules and to accommodate any unexpected delays or issues. In addition to turnover cleanings, schedule regular deep cleanings and maintenance checks to keep your apartments in top condition.

It is very important to have a clear agreement with your cleaning and laundry service providers outlining the expected standards, turnaround times, and handling of special situations or emergencies and implement a system for providing and receiving feedback after each service to ensure any issues are promptly addressed and standards are maintained. You may consider getting a picture of the apartment before and after every cleaning routine. You can also consider a full-service property management company might be a viable solution as they handle everything from guest communication and bookings to cleaning, laundry, and maintenance, albeit at a higher cost. I can recommend Helot Stays to you.

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As this is a global community, it might be hard to find a cleaner from a specific area. There are Local Host Clubs though - so it might be worth popping there for more area specific cleaners and things like that. Please let me know how you get on. 


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