VRBO Reservations show as blocked - is there a setting to have them show as reservations?

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VRBO Reservations show as blocked - is there a setting to have them show as reservations?

If I get 2 or more reservations from VRBO they just look like all blocked dates - no separation.

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Hi @Thomas2241 

Reservations from other platforms that are synced to your Airbnb calendar will show as blocked dates on your Airbnb Calendar. Airbnb used to show the name of the other platform on the blocked dates, but no longer does. Not sure what you mean by "no separation" with 2 or more reservations? Perhaps if you posted a screen shot here?




HI Joan,


If I have two VRBO bookings for 5 days each, on the AIrbnb calendar it just shows 10 blocked days.  I can't tell when the first booking ends.  So when my cleaner is looking at my calendar she doesn't know when to clean.  Do you know why they did away with showing the name?

Hi @Thomas2241 

Airbnb removed the ability to see notes at a glance and where an outside reservation is coming from in the Summer 2023 release. All we previously saw was "Vrbo" on a date before. Don't believe they ever imported guest start/end dates as they wouldn't have that information.


What helped Hosts was the at a glance notes (since removed). We were able to put in our own notes re start/end of a reservation and see it at a quick glance and share the calendar with cleaners. Sadly, Airbnb has removed both these features in the Summer 2023 Release. You can still add a note, but it is not practical to use them as they no longer appear at a glance on the calendar. They also can't be accessed after a date has passed. Airbnb reservation notes will still be attached to a reservation once a date has passed, but cannot be viewed on the regular calendar; only on the reservation detail. 


As @Emilia42 states, most Hosts have now had to create their own Google calendar linked to Airbnb or some other outside calendar, or use a PMS system to track reservations from multiple platforms.

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@Thomas2241 Why does that matter? All that matters is that your property isn't available for booking on those dates. That's the only reason there's a calendar. I don't understand the problem. 

HI Kia,  Thank you for responding.  My issue is that I share my calendar with my cleaner.  So when I get two VRBO bookings back to back all she sees is a bunch of blocked days.  So she doesn't see the check out day in between the reservations.  

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I see your frustration. I have this same problem when I take back-to-back direct bookings. But my guess is: why would Airbnb care about bookings on their calendar that are not Airbnb bookings. It seems like you may have to create your own calendar which has all your bookings from different sources all in one place whether that be through a channel manager, google calendar, etc.