What Can be Listed?

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Scottsdale, AZ

What Can be Listed?

I have a hospitality background and would love to become an Airbnb host but I'm a little confused as to what can be listed and what can't. I wanted to buy a mobile home, permanently located on a lot in Tempe AZ and rent it out for guests near the Giant's Stadium for spring training. The realtor that I spoke to said that the property couldn't be used for Airbnb but I didn't see anything that stated that while looking at the property. There wasn't even an HOA to worry about. Can anyone give guidance as to what can and what can't become an Airbnb property? 

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Port Moody, Canada

Hello @Casey330, It's great to see so many hosts coming forward to give their advice. Have you had the chance to read them? After this, would you like to share any other questions with our hosts?


Keep us posted.



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Sierra Vista, AZ

AZRT- Arizonans for responsible tourism has education, information, and support for AZ STR. Tempe is one of several cities with specific licensing guidelines. 

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I think when looking at short term rentals it's worth looking at this as an STR business rather than Airbnb which is simply a channel you can use to market your STR business. @Casey330 


What reason did the realtor give you for not being able to do STR. Is it that the lot you want to buy on doesn't allow STRs. Have you checked the purchase agreements for restrictions on how you use the home? Have you checked local STR regulations for the area?

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Placencia, Belize

Every state is different, best ask someone in the known in the local municipality in question,  with circumspect.

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Swannanoa, NC

@Casey330   Check the Zoning laws in Tempe.  


In our county in NC, I can rent a yurt, a cabin, a house, a tiny home and a travel trailer in my driveway, but I  CANNOT rent a mobile home, i.e., manufactured home as an STR, only an LTR.




It is a good question and it is entirely possible that this forum is not the best place for the answers you are seeking. 

I'd suggest getting back with the realtor and ask them. There may be zoning restrictions or something else on the local codes that apply to mobile homes or that piece of property/neighborhood. You could actually go directly to the planning and zoning department. That department would be the one to best advise you as (here at least) that is where we all go to apply for the permits needed for becoming a short term rental businessperson. Best of luck!

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