Accepting reservations

Pioneertown, CA
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I'm not sure if my last conversation was posted.  Is Airbnb working with County officials as to when we are able to accept reservations ?


The County I reside in has a closed order until orders have been rescinded.  However Airbnb seems to have opened the calendar as I am receiving new requests starting May 1, 2020.  I am assuming that Airbnb has cleared opening with the States/Counties otherwise why would they open the calendar.  


Any feedback/thoughts???


Thank you.


ps wishing everyone good cheer!

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Re: Accepting reservations

England, United Kingdom
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@Laurie209 It would be simpler and safer if you block dates where your local authorities (or you) don't consider it legal/safe to host. To think that Airbnb can properly know the law in all countries in the World let alone US states/counties seems very unlikely to me.

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