Airbnb Associates program

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Hey @Catherine-Powell or anyone else!? 

I admin a FB group with over 200 members - mostly travel writers and bloggers - who are all using the Associates program.

The reporting is terrible and we have many questions and issues but there is no support Centre or dedicated contact for the program.


Many people are experiencing issues with payments and there is not enough transparency for users to track data effectively.


Can someone please respond - we’ve tried many times!

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Re: Airbnb Associates program

Auckland, New Zealand
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hello @Sandra245  Have you used related keywords in the searchbox here in CC for others in similar situations as you are?
Often you will find useful information that way.

All the best in these challenging times

Re: Airbnb Associates program

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hi, i am from the partner program, i am having problems with my payments, the support for us is terrible, has anyone gotten airbnb to pay you?

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