Airbnb in West New York is Not Ilegal if...

West New York, NJ
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According to Ordinance #35/17


it is not illegal if you are present during the visitors stay, as the host. Also in the event they do not disrupt the neighborhood in way they can impact the community. If you rent entire units and you are not present, you are not compliant and you are subject to fines for up to $1000 and cost of investigation. 


The town do this to preserve its housing stock and to preserve the existing single and multi-family residential neighborhoods, as the town preserves its unique sense of community. 


The town consist of 1.3 sq miles and an estimated 54,000 residents and their primary housing goals are long terms.


if you would like me to add you to my list for future events concerming vacation rentals and health related topics write me your email with - instead of @ . I am currently compliant using centain laws I found to protect myself.


hope this helps! And we can fight this ordinance with new mayor. 


All the best to you! 

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Re: Airbnb in West New York is Not Ilegal if...

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Way to go @Nancy562 !!

Love your style and approach.

Remember there's a PMsg system here in CC and in Listings that people can use to network offline - use keywords in Search box to connect with others in similar situations as one's own


All the best from Auckland, New Zealand

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