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Recently, I had a new guest send an inquiry for our unit.  i declined and Airbnb gave a message that the dates would be blocked for some reason.  I don't recall the details.  Subsequently, another guest made an inquiry that worked better for us (to insure we did not have a long vacancy between guests).  However, when he tries to enter the dates we've discussed, he says the system says the unit is not available.  However, looking at my calendar these dates are available.  Anyone have this problem before?  If so, how to get this corrected?  Thanks.

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Leeuwarden, The Netherlands
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If you decline an inquiry (which is not really an obligation, just stop communication) and choose reason "dates are not available", then Airbnb blocks the dates (but you can make them available again).


If the dates are available on the calender (and time period to be booked at least your minimum stay set), then the new guest must be able to book.


Which are the desired dates ?

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Sayulita, Mexico
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@Ted368  You should never decline an Inquiry. If it isn't a booking you want to pre-approve, just message the guest back within 24 hrs. No dates wil be blocked.


You only have to either accept or decline Trip Requests within 24 hrs, not Inquiries. 

Or try to get the guest to withdraw the Request, so you won't have to decline.


And declining bookings simply because you are hoping to get another where the dates work better for you is not the way to run the business- if you decline a lot, Airbnb will suspend your listing. 

You can create only certain check-in, check-out days and stay lengths using rule sets in "professional tools".


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