Cook County Illinois creating new rules.

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I am wondering if anyone is aware of the new rules being proposed by Cook County.  These rules would make many existing AirBnBs unable to operate as the rules require the homeowner to live on the property.  I assume many of us are operating through an LLC, so this requirement makes little sence.


 Home Based Business- permitted provided the following conditions are met:
1. Homeowner must live on the premises
2. Home must serve as a principal residence
3. Rents an extra room/s on the short-term rental platform
4. A maximum of 2 people per room
5. Apply for Home Based Business Occupancy to get approval


Has anyone else had contact with the County?

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Re: Cook County Illinois creating new rules.

Montreal, Canada
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The CC is international. You will have a better chance of finding answers by visiting your local Host Clubs. 😊

Good luck

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