Deleted property listing

Makarska, Croatia
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Hello my dear Abnb team 🙂


I need some explanation, information and directions 😔😔

My property is deleted from my Listings, I don't know when it was happen. I didn't  get any information or email about adding any document or missing something that I need to change in Property details to keep my property available for renting 

Could you help me with this problem.

Name of a deleted property is (was) Cherry studio - near the beach. It was open on 26. April 2019.
I am pretty sure,it wasn't be deleted until month ago because I was changing available dates in calendar.

Please send me directions how I can get this property listing back.

Best regards
Katarina Katić

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Re: Deleted property listing

Zagreb, Croatia
Level 10

Are you sure it is deleted and not just snoozed? Is it possible you or your cohost snoozed it or deleted it by mistake?

As far as I know, if Airbnb received a complaint from your guest, or if your overall rating was low then all of your listings would be put on hold or your entire account would be permanently suspended, not just one listing.


Re: Deleted property listing

Leeuwarden, The Netherlands
Level 10


You state "my property is deleted from my listings". No idea what that means.


Your profile shows 23 listings, 21 are in the search system under your host-ID

2 listings are not in the search system under your host-ID, so they are supended or you are the co-host.


Hope this helps

Re: Deleted property listing

Oakland, CA
Level 1

I recreated my account when I was unable to get help restoring my account which I accidentlt deleted. I need to either restore /activate that deleted account or at least restore the revues I received over the years as a host and guest. Please help

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