Help - communication problems with guest. Nightmare

Montreal, Canada
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Hello everyone. 
i am fairly new to hosting, and for the first time I’m having issues with a guest . I am desperately looking for advice since this is making my life sad and horrible.


The communication with my guest is simply horrible.

When she requested to book she was really rude, but I’ve put it in the language barrier and give her a chance. 

for the first month she never replied to any of my welcome messages, i was not even sure she was in the house.


I’ve then tought of checking the electric use to be sure …

It is at that moment that I’ve had my first surprise;  she use 2 times the amount of electricity that I was using in winter when heating 24/7. 
i was shocked.
Decided to message her but didn’t got any reply.

I’ve then, messaged her a week later and got a a really rude reply that she use electric normally.


Today, she message me that the door lock is broken. WUT.

Prayed that she reply me, she did!

It is simply not a communication we are having.

it is simply impossible to set a repair appointment. It seem like she don’t read my message and give me orders only.

Trying to be as much comprehensive and kind but it is just impossible to communicate. 

On top of that, she tell me that if she’s not there her friend will be there.

(She book only for herself).

This new info is making me even more nervous.


Aaaaaand cherry on top, I’ve  just saw that she got a new review saying that:


“communication is a problem and that other people where living in the abnb.”


she still have a month booked and knowing this is giving me urticaria.


if someone can brings me light or ideas to make this a little easier that’ll be nice; because now;

would definitely prefer to refund her and that she simply leave .

could this even be possible …?!

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Re: Help - communication problems with guest. Nightmare

Arkansas, United States
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Yes, it is possible to get rid of a guest and in this case I certainly would do it.


You should do it carefully though, and do some research about landlord/tenant laws in your area. Unfortunately she has been there long enough to become a legal tenant in some jurisdictions.


The best way to get rid of an unwelcome guest is to convince them that they really WANT to leave. That would make you ever so sad, but you’re very understanding and you will definitely ask Airbnb to refund her AFTER SHE MOVES OUT. (Meaning refund for unused days, not total.)


 I don’t know if you live nearby, but the broken lock may be the perfect opportunity to go there and see who is there. Get evidence of unregistered guests. You might see other rule violations.

Take someone large and mean-looking with you if possible.


Being a concerned host, of course you will need to inspect other locks, electrical appliances which might be malfunctioning, and anything else you can think of.


Try to get pictures. (Insurance requires it, don’t you know.)


If you find what I think you will find, you should notify Airbnb that the guest is violating specific rules, is uncommunicative, and you want her to leave. 

Serve her with written notice of her rule violations and politely suggest that if she disagrees, cannot or will not modify her behavior, it would be in her best interest to relocate her miserable derrière immediately.

Re: Help - communication problems with guest. Nightmare

Montreal, Canada
Level 2

Oh my god. Thank you so very much for your reply.


it feel good to be heard héhé.

(since I’ve called Airbnb for the electric problem but they say that they can’t do anything since I’ve listed the apartment all included).


Unfortunately, I will only be in town in 2 weeks, but you can be assure I will set up a appointment to “go see the electrics things” on the same evening I am landing! 

thank you so very much !

Re: Help - communication problems with guest. Nightmare

Leeuwarden, The Netherlands
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You can shorten the reservation ("change" option) and amend the price to provide desired refund on this "long term stay"

Maybe she will accept it.

Re: Help - communication problems with guest. Nightmare

Arkansas, United States
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I was assuming that she doesn’t want to leave, but maybe she does. In any case, @Emiel1 s advice is an excellent first step.


It’s usually best to do the easiest thing first. You might get lucky.


 I was surprised to see several listings in Montreal that are in your price range so she can’t claim that she can’t afford a different apartment.



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